Why RF+

Why Rocheston Foundation

While the creative minds at Rocheston are engaged with the challenges of making our society technology savvy, we also wish to inculcate fair practices in people using technology. It is our social responsibility.

What Rocheston is to Cybersecurity + Technology + Innovation; Rocheston Foundation envisions to be the same to Women + Education + Next Generation Role Models. The principle driving force that keeps Rocheston’s heart beating, is the passion and motivation to work by principles and ethical values.

Crafting New Role Models of Success

It is a challenge to be able bring a better change to a society of imbalances. Society often has to pay a heavy price for its negligence and non-commitment.

Women face gender inequalities which need to be addressed through different fields. It needs to be addressed through quality education, economic resources, professional opportunities and political participation. Until our society offers equal opportunities for women in employment, leadership and decision-making, disparities will persist.

[RF+]’s mission to empower women gain equal rights and opportunities. [RF+] began partnering with schools in rural sectors to educate women and the younger generation on technology, beginning with helping them secure themselves against the hazards of the digital world. Thus educating on best practices in cybersecurity and cyber awareness among women, helping them become self-sufficient; developing skills amplifying the impact of their education and help them join the network of acclaimed members of society.


We see our efforts fructifying as women who have benefitted from the program have become empowered leaders, conquering societal challenges, to become role models.

Latest research report on Women in S&P 500 Companies published by Catalyst shows only 5.8 percent of women are CEOs and 11 percent are top earners.

The content of a book holds the power of education and it is with this power that we can shape our future and change lives.

Malala Yousafzai