Who We Are

[RF+] Means Empowerment

We are a not-for-profit organization established with the sole resolve to empower every strata of society through education and raising awareness to create a safer and secure Cyberspace.

cybersecurity for woman

Digital access is now available to one and all, empowering users more than ever before, and therefore providing a safer cyberspace is our mission.

The core values that define [RF+] are to strive for a more just social structure by creating more opportunities and to educate the lesser privileged women and children.


[RF+] ’s parent company Rocheston, is an innovation company with cutting-edge research and development in emerging technologies such as Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Big Data and automation. Rocheston provides training, certification and accreditation in business standards and help clients improve their organization business practices by defining and implementing innovative accredited compliance programs. Rocheston’s certification programs are aimed at providing highly advanced training to students, professionals and organizations with the necessary skillsets to deal with the current dynamic global business landscape.


Cybersecurity threats are on an exponential ascent with attacks through the massive proliferation of electronic devices and networks. The subsequent rise of digital technology abuse and security breaches are perpetrating across every communication network irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

The latest Cybersecurity statistics report by Varonis states, “Hackers attack every 39 seconds on average 2,244 times a day!”

According to the estimate reported by Norton, the global damage resulting from cybercrimes are at a staggering 388 billion USD!

[RF+] aims to improve the quality of life through education based on the commitment of
re-securing online practices on every digital platform.


[RF+] focusses on its social initiatives through a multi-pronged strategy:

  • Leverage the power of digital technology to raise awareness among the underprivileged communities
  • Collaborate with educational institutions and agencies through our innovative programs and events to enhance cyber safety
  • Provide equal opportunity for cybersecurity practices to be taught and implemented - in schools, local communities, technical, non-technical, manufacturing, policing and health sectors
  • Facilitate newer and creative initiatives to impart cybersecurity concepts through workshops, conferences, seminars and fun learning camps
  • Help to improve digital safety practices in rural and sub urban areas
  • Support the not-so-privileged to challenge their constraints and help them become bold and liberated

Passionate and dedicated flagbearers of [RF+] is on the ground with slick and innovative programs catering to the security needs of primary schools, technical & non-technical institutions, financial services, arts & culture forums and healthcare sectors. Our team aims to educate every user about the malicious and sophisticated cyberthreats in order to secure critical assets and confidential information.