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If you feel strongly and wish to make women and young people more cyber aware, join hands in our endeavor. For any assistance, please write to us at
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RF aims to offer world class education primarily to women, with targeted programs for school kids, instructing, informing and instilling in them best practices in cybersecurity.


Be part of a non-profit venture that seeks to enlighten women about the dangers lurking in the internet. Ensure the safety of millions of women and children in need.
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Securing their future is after all, the need of the hour!

Rocheston Foundation is a non-profit organization committed towards educating women in the mind-numbing range of cyber crimes, from online sexual harassment to identity theft, that could arise from the use of digital technology.

Through workshops, seminars and other activities, women and children will be introduced to the ideas of cyber abuse, exploitation, misuse of digital resources, consequences of inappropriate use of mobile and computer devices, stalking and grooming etc.

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Learners today. Leaders tomorrow.

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RF, a not-for-profit organization, aims to educate women and the younger generation about the hazards of using digital technology, and to inculcate best practices in cybersecurity. The main purpose is to spread cyber awareness among women, help them become self-sufficient and create leaders for tomorrow.

All help and support, financial and otherwise, are welcome. Please feel free to make donations and join us as volunteers to help spread cyber awareness.

Our website is easy to use and understand, and willing users can take a tour to appreciate the work being done by RF in lending a helping hand to women, and even kids, who have been prevented by circumstances of technological awareness, but are regular users of digital devices such as smart phones and PCs.

If you wish to interact with staff at RF, please feel free to chat with us online for basic information. We will be glad to provide quick information and support to all those who feel inclined to visit out site.

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