About Us

Who are We?

With the proliferation of electronic devices there has been a corresponding increase in the abuse of digital technology. Norton puts the estimate for global damage with regards to cybercrime at a staggering USD 388 billion.

All individuals these days are drawn towards the fascinating uses of new, cutting edge technology. While digital technology is a powerhouse of information, there are cracks in the systems that can be easily exploited. By making women and the younger generation cyber aware, we can contribute towards building a community of informed, aware individuals who will one day run the digital landscape responsibly, and help others have a safe and secure future.

Rocheston Foundation (RF) was established with the resolve to enable women, and youngsters, some of whom are unable to afford a decent education, to the pitfalls of the digital world. The foundation is a part of the Rocheston Group of Companies, a New York based accreditation institute that helps clients improve their business practices.

Awesome Features

Help Online

If you feel strongly and wish to enable women and young people become more cyber aware, join hands in our endeavor. For any assistance, please write to us at [email protected]

Make better life

RF aims to offer world class education through workshops, sessions and other activity-oriented events, primarily to women, with targeted programs for school kids, instructing, informing and instilling in them best practices in cybersecurity.

By doing this, RF will be making lives better, protecting millions through the knowledge they pass on.

Save a life

Crimes in the virtual world very often become threats in the real world, causing immense stress, anxiety, emotional and even physical trauma. Join our venture in creating awareness, reducing risks and thus, perhaps saving a life.

Be a Volunteer

Become a volunteer with RF and help organize events, activities and workshops. Do your bit to secure the online presence of women, protecting their privacy and ensuring the safety of young people.

Be part of a non-profit venture that seeks to enlighten women about the dangers lurking in the entangled mesh of the internet. Ensure the online safety (which could translate to safety in the physical world) of millions of women in need.

To join us as a volunteer, get in touch at [email protected]