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With the proliferation of electronic devices there has been a corresponding increase in the abuse of digital technology. Norton puts the estimate for global damage with regards to cybercrime at a staggering USD 388 billion.

All individuals these days are drawn towards the fascinating uses of new, cutting edge technology. While digital technology is a powerhouse of information, there are cracks in the systems that can be easily exploited. By making women and the younger generation cyber aware, we can contribute towards building a community of informed, aware individuals who will one day run the digital landscape responsibly, and help others have a safe and secure future.

Rocheston Foundation (RF) was established with the resolve to alert women, and youngsters, some of whom are unable to afford a decent education, to the pitfalls of the digital world. The foundation is a part of the Rocheston Group of Companies, a New York based accreditation institute that helps clients improve their business practices.