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Rocheston Foundation

Empowerment begins here.

Throughout history, women have been denied equal opportunities in every sphere of life by imposing social roles based on their gender. In today's age of progress, many young girls still find themselves cut off from myriad opportunities; to have a chance to give back, to contribute to society and to develop their innate talent so that they can proudly be a part of the technology and progress, that is taking the world by storm.

Who are We?

Rocheston foundation was established with the resolve to support women from all walks of life in their struggle to learn, grow and gain access to fields of study that are not easily available to them; particularly in science, math and engineering.

By investing in the future of young girls, we aim to contribute towards building a community of bold, liberated, and socially perceptive women who will help run the world alongside their male contemporaries, paving the way for a society that recognizes the immense potential of the female population for growth and progress.

The foundation is a part of the Rocheston Group of Companies, a New York based organization that provides training, certification, and accreditation on business standards and helps clients improve their business practices.
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What is our Mission? - Assisting young girls to develop their education in STEM subjects.

Educate a girl, empower a nation.

At Rocheston Foundation, we believe in setting an example and leading the way forward by providing female students from underprivileged backgrounds affordable and quality education in the fields math and science.

In an ever-changing world with rapid advancement, we believe that girls deserve a chance to learn about the myriad opportunities available to them and to acquire the necessary skills that will allow them to engage with technology and go forward in the world as empowered and educated leaders.

We recognize the incredible talent and passion that lies with these young women from all backgrounds and the tremendous possibilities they are capable of unleashing through their roles as budding scientists and innovators. Not only limited to their professions, we also acknowledge the critical role that some of these girls may go on to choose as educated mothers, who will pave the way for future generations of leaders, ready to change the world.

The foundation aims to bring hope to the lives of these girls, giving them the much-needed support and allowing them to dream again.

"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained."
-Marie Curie

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The Role of Women in Math and Science

One of the most important keys to the future of innovation and development lies in the potential of the girl child. With scientific progress being at the forefront of our technological age, students and engineers are harnessing the power of the latest technology to discover new avenues of economic success.

However, all around the world, especially in developing countries, women have been heavily underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines owing to vicious cycles of poverty, archaic mindsets and an unwillingness to acknowledge the power within. Many girls are denied the opportunity to explore their potential in areas of education that will enable and empower them to build, create, innovate and make a change.

"No industry or country can reach its full potential until women reach their full potential." - Sheryl Sandberg

Unfortunately, girls are told from a young age that the laboratory is not a place for them. Communities and institutions often do not give girls equal opportunities to pursue education and career in the fields of science, math and engineering. Due to social attitudes, many families are unwilling to encourage their girls to study certain advanced subjects and as a result, they struggle to build self-confidence. Many girl students are deprived of the necessary support and assistance that will allow them to venture into these ambitious fields.
We want to change that.

As our organization has a strong focus on excellence and innovation, we believe that it is crucial for us to address the gaps in the fields of math and science, in both secondary as well as higher education. We believe that it is only through holistic education that girl students can truly realize their strengths and it is only through renewed confidence and resolve to venture into new subjects of learning, that true progress and innovation can be achieved.

Many talented and bright minds deserve the bright future they dream of, and it is Rocheston Foundation's aim to help them get closer to it.

Rocheston foundation also aims to invest in the education of these children, ensuring a better future for them.
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Educating the Girl Child

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”
- Hillary Clinton

Depriving women of an education is akin to depriving them of the opportunity to grow as individuals. We firmly believe in educating women, imparting vocational skills to them and nurturing their unique talents, enabling them to realize their potential and become self-sufficient.

Women and Health

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”
- Winston S. Churchill

In many parts of rural and urban India, women struggle to access basic health care amenities, be it antenatal care for expectant mothers or general health checkups for older women. Consequently, these women are feeble and undernourished.
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At Rocheston Foundation, we strongly empathize with these women and aim to improve the state of their health by administering medicines and distributing food supplies to them. The foundation is resolute in its commitment to dedicate time and resources that will ensure these women live better lives.
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Addressing Domestic Abuse

"The abuse of women and girls is the most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on earth."
- Jimmy Carter

Women’s safety is still an unresolved issue in India. A woman may be unsafe on the streets, but often she is vulnerable even within the four walls of her own home. Women are afraid to speak up against domestic abuse, harassment, rape and marital rape because of societal pressures and inhibitions..

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“Women have a much better time than men in this world; there are far more things forbidden to them.”

― Oscar Wilde
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“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”

― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

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